Workshops and Courses for Parents and Teachers

If you believe, like me, that there is a different type of education, in which the heart and emotions are the most important part of the education of your children or your students you are in the right place. In order for them to achieve balance and emotional well-being, it is important that you know that with these workshops and courses we will work, firstly, how to develop our own emotional intelligence and then how to put it into practice in our lives both personally and professionally, with the correct tools to carry it out with your children or students in class. There are two modalities, online and face-to-face, and both consist of:

  • Introduction to emotional intelligence through the TAL method (Thought, Action and Language) this will teach you to modify these three areas and lead us to teach based on affection and respect towards our children.
  • Written material with all the emotional education contents that will be taught in the course or workshop.
  • Resources to implement emotional education with our children, both at home and in the classroom.
  • Personalized follow-up: we are a family and we establish a special connection, we have the common goal of providing the greatest possible emotional well-being for our children, for consultations, doubts or simply talking about how we feel.

Emotional Marketing

Do you have a project and want to present it to a competition, offer it to companies or carry it out by yourself? I will help you to shape it from the perspective of emotional intelligence so that others appreciate the passion and affection you have placed in it with the aim of opening doors. Emotional marketing is aimed at the emotions of the target audience. To make them reflect, become aware, motivate, in short, fall in love with your project as you are, and logically always with a final goal of taking action. It is to connect the human and emotional part of your project with people, making them feel that they are part of the project.

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