Positive thinking corner

Positive Thinking Corner is an activity to do in class with your students in Spanish or English in order to work emotional intelligence. With it, they will not only learn to have a positive view of the themselves, but also will learn to develop the ability of positive thinking, as well as increase their self-esteem, improve their relationship with others and develop the capacity for empathy.

The experience has been tested and carried out with 4 year olds (Infant) and 7 year olds children (Primary) with a class of four year olds in primary school, with 100% positive results. Children started using only one or two positive emotions and in two weeks they managed between 8 to 10 positive emotions, using this vocabulary in their daily routine to communicate with each other. An example of this is the 4-year old class of the public school Nuestra Señora del Carmen en Lo Pagán, Murcia, where the children’s teacher Eva Mª Alcaraz Pérez, nominated for the 2017 Abanca awards for Best Infant Teacher of Spain, did this activity everyday with her children, she observed positive results in the first two weeks using the resource in class. Eva not only uses this resource for practicing emotional intelligence, but every day she puts her heart and creativity to educate not only in knowledge but also in the way of being, fostering a balanced teaching-learning process within the classroom.

Being able to maintain balance between our brain and our heart is the basis that enables us to develop our emotional intelligence. The only way to educate and leave a positive mark on our children, who are the future, is THINKING WITH THE HEART when we are teaching, compassion and gratitude are very important.

To know more about the activity or if you want to implement it in your class or at home for free, get in touch with me and I will provide you the material: activity blackboard and documents (objectives, methodology, etc.).


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