Dedicate time to yourself

Something that seems so simple is not so easy in the modern world. We are saturated with stress and responsibilities, so we forget that the time for ourselves is as important as other things we do every day. We must be aware that our time is very important, although we can also devote time to our partner, children, friends and work. In fact, things are more difficult when you do not feel good because of stressful situations that occur in all our daily lives.

In our current society it is frowned upon to dedicate time to yourself. When analyzed from the point of view of productivity, it is believed that if we dedicate time to ourselves we will be less productive. This has been proven to be wrong and is actually beneficial, helping us to see the importance of stopping, breathing, reflecting, analyzing situations giving us clarity of mind. Benefits are:

  • Mental clarity for making decisions: If you are in harmony with yourself, you can bring harmony to others. If you have clarity with your own mind, you can face situations and people clearly. In general, if there is well-being inside you, there will be well-being on the outside.
  • Increase the emotional well-being of yourself: It is not possible to acquire a great self-concept, if you do not contemplate what your subconscious mind has to tell you and you judge yourself at all times. It is living the present and analyzing situations without judging yourself. Not valuing whether it is right or wrong, but simply contemplating what has happened and how you would do it differently next time.
  • Better communication both internal (with your inner self) as well as external (with people around you): You are more important than any other person in the world. Conversing with your inner self without judgments, but at the same time knowing how to say NO to other people. Passing over yourself to please or satisfy someone else, or if in some way you try too hard for others, abandoning your own wishes and needs.

Now, I propose an activity to be able to have more control over your time, but at the same time you will carry out actions that will fulfil objectives related to your goals, dreams or short-term values.

Remember that only when your daily activities are in accordance with your most important priorities you will be able to experience a true balance in your life.

It consists of three simple steps:

  1. Write down on a piece of paper what actions or goals you would like to perform during the week that your daily routine prevents you from achieving.
  2. In a printable that I attach in this pendrive you have a monthly calendar (it is a general template) called “Actions for a more positive life” in which you have different actions to be carried out for one week. You can choose anything, regardless of the week that it is (and even mix weekdays, if the action is consistent with the goal you have set that week) and at the beginning you have a space to set your goal for the week, For example, “spend more time with friends”, “have fun” or “relax and breathe”. You can put star stickers or write an “X” with a marker in order to put on top of the action that you have achieved that week, but I also leave you blank spaces for writing your own goals created by yourself. The ideal is to laminate it to be able to erase and write over and over and so you save yourself printing every time you do. You have to place it where you can see it everyday, for example with a magnet on the fridge door.
  3. Analyze the results answering the questions of the quiz (attached) to see if you have managed to control the time and devote more time to yourself. It is not to judge or evaluate your actions but also to be aware of whether you need to take more actions to achieve your “wellness goals”.

You can download documents to practice positive emotions in your daily routine here:


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