About me

My name is Marisol Gracia. I am a child educator and I have spent 18 years researching emotional education, putting it into practice both personally as a mother and in the classroom with the children. I have studied Expert in Emotional Education at the UNIR (International University of La Rioja). I have worked several years in an International Bilingual School and founded a successful bilingual nursery that has received several national and international awards.

Creating the Heart Thinking project has made me think about MY GOAL in life and I felt that it is in line with my personal life goals. I wanted to leave my comfort zone and use all my resources and my time to develop. This project and training in emotional education to fulfil a dream, a goal: To undertake my own training project in emotional education for teachers, parents and students. This has made me more conscious to work on my self-motivation with the commitment to develop my strengths such as change management and to activate my ability to connect emotionally with people. Although sometimes I can feel lost and have had to put at bay my limiting beliefs that did not let me move forward, having a goal motivates me to do everything on my part, silence my internal dialogue and focus all my energy on developing skills to feel happy with my life and enjoy the road too. I feel that all this helps me to improve as a person, to love myself more, to accept and respect others more.

It’s something that I’ve been working on for some time, both personally and with the children in the classroom, in order for you to get to know me better I have summarised my career so far:

Volunteering with non-governmental organization (Red Cross Youth): organization and implementation of values education activities for children aged 3-6 years, covering: Environmental Education, Education for Peace, Health Education and Theater / Storytelling.

I have taught English after-school classes in public schools for several school years, with children aged 3-6 years, outside school hours.
Infant educator in an International school for 5 years.

Co- founder of a highly successful bilingual nursery.


Finalist in the award for innovative experiences of the World Association of Children’s Educators AMEI-WAECE for the music therapy activity “Up, up Little ant” with 2-year-old children, where an interview was also carried out on the radio of this association.

Interview of Aula planeta, from Editorial Planeta, the most important editorial of Spain:


The latest publication, an activity carried out with children with special needs (Assembly of emotions- The feeling box) that you can see in the book of children’s experiences published by Educa Abanca, together with Eva Mª Alcaraz Pérez, infant teacher and nominated for the Abanca awards as best teacher of Spain of infant education.

Interview from Educación 3.0 magazine talking about emotional education:


Obtaining the seal of Intef MOOC for participating in Innovative Educational Communities carried out through Magistral Action and BBVA.
Writer of children’s stories, being a finalist with a short children’s story about emotional education at an early age called “Elena and the sweetest kiss” in AMEI-WAECE (World Association of Child Educators).

There is an article on emotional education in the magazine Maestra Infantil of Ediba editorial in the contest “La Pasión de Educar”.
Finalist in the award for innovative experiences of the World Association of Child Educators AMEI-WAECE for the music therapy activity “Up up the little ant” with children of 2 years, where an interview was also made on the radio of said association.

Creator of the Heart Thinking project and winner of the International Women’s Education Awards as the best teacher of the year 2018:



Achievements & Awards