3 Weeks Plan-Mindfulness

Today, I propose to you to carry out a 3-week Mindfulness plan, with the goal, to improve your emotional well-being by working on interiority and mental serenity. As you know the only way to achieve this is to practice daily. You only have to spend a few minutes every day to be able to train your brain.  With this plan, we will do it gradually, adding more minutes each week.

However, if you cannot increase the time, do not worry, continue with the five minutes. The most important thing is to meditate and practice daily. At the end of each week, I invite you to write down your experiences in a diary, this will help you to know yourself better by answering the following questions: What have you noticed? How did you feel? I give you a link with some instrumental music that I use for each session, but you can choose any music that you like. (nature sounds, piano music, etc.)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex2SGbidcGE

Enjoy the meditation and let’s practice!

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