Without affection or respect it is impossible to educate

In order to educate the emotions of our children we must first work our own emotions. Be aware that we know how to handle them and learn the resources to enable us to put them into practice with the children. Thinking more with the heart and less with the head, speaking positively and setting an example with our own actions and behaviour are the keys to start working with the children emotional education, compassion and gratitude are very important.

About me

My name is Marisol Gracia. I am a child educator and I have spent 18 years researching emotional education, putting it into practice both personally as a mother and in the classroom with the children. I have studied Expert in Emotional Education at the UNIR (International University of La Rioja). I have worked several years in an International Bilingual School…

What Heart Thinking Project is

As its name indicates in English, it is “Thinking with the heart” giving way to a happier and fuller life in the case of adults, learning to manage our own emotions and at the same time being able to provide an education to our children based on positive education and values such as humility, compassion, positive thinking or empathy.

Workshops and Courses for Parents and Teachers

If you believe, like me, that there is a different type of education, in which the heart and emotions are the most important part of the education of your children or your students you are in the right place. In order for them to achieve balance and emotional well-being, it is important that you know that with these workshops and courses we will work, firstly, how to develop our own emotional intelligence and then how to put it into practice in our lives both personally and professionally, with the correct tools to carry it out with your children or students in class.


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